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Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent SAS or more notably, Saint Laurent, is a fashion brand founded by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé in 1961. The brand is known for its iconic pieces such as the Le Smoking tuxedo for women created in 1966. Since the passing of Yves Saint Laurent, the brand name has continued to be used for handbags and cosmetics. Their luxury handbags can be found here at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills at prices almost as nearly iconic as their norm-breaking fashion pieces. 

Saint Laurent Ivory Silver Bangle Bracelet 603598 at_Queen_Bee_of_Beverly_Hills

List Price: $525.00 List Price: $650.00

Saint Laurent Jamie Monogram Blue Raffia Shoulder Bag

List Price: $2,700.00 List Price: $2,850.00